Taríkh-i Adharbáyján

Saní`í Uskú'í , Mírzá Haydar `Alí

Taríkh-i Adharbáyján

Ms A - ALMP20. Mírzá Haydar `Alí Saní`í Uskú'í, Táríkh Amrí Ádharbáyján (Bahá'í History of Ádharbáyján). Includes accounts of the most important individuals and events of Ádharbáyján (and extends to Bádkúbih); written in the early years of the ministry of Shoghi Effendi. The Afnan Library holds copies of two manuscripts of this work. Mss A (ALMP20) contains three parts. The first section of the first part deals with Bahá'í teachers who came to Adharbáyján (pp. 1-31), beginning with Nabíl Zarandí up to the time of the passing of `Abdu'l-Bahá; second section: people who became Bahá'ís (pp. 32-49), begins with the arrival of Mullá Yúsif-`Alí Arbilílí, Letter of the Living, in about 1844; third section: martyrs of Adharbáyján (pp. 49-65); fourth section, upheavals that occurred in Adharbáyján (pp. 65-111), ends with the upheaval of Shíshván. Following this, the second part of the work is a separate history, which is mainly biographies of some of the Bahá'ís of Adharbáyján (pp. 1-25). This part was written in 83 B.E./1926 at the suggestion of Ahmad Yazdání and on the instructions of the Tehran Spiritual Assembly, following a request from Shoghi Effendi. Finally there is the third part, which consists of notes on a number of individuals and events, such as A.L.M. Nicolas, Tumanski, Dayyán, etc. (pp. 1-26). The whole manuscript is thus 161 demy pp. The partial Table of Contents that is on the third page of the PDF and what is written on the lower half of the fourth page is in the hand-writing of Mr Balyuzi.

Ms B - ALMP21: The Afnan Library holds another manuscript of this work in hand-writing of Muhammad `Alí Malik-Khusraví, copied in 1967 from the original in author's hand-writing. It consists of the second (pp. 1-29) and third sections (pp. 29-56) of the first part, the whole of the second (pp. 56-95) and third (pp. 95-141) parts. Thus it does not contain the first and fourth sections of the first part. The list of INBA manuscripts has a ms. (5/3052) which is stated to be Táríkh-i Adharbáyján by Muhammad Husayn Mílání (pages not specified). It is likely that this is this work since there is a note by Muhammad Husayn Mílání at the front of Afnan Library mss A (ALMP20) and it may be that the manuscript is in the handwriting of Muhammad Husayn Milani. In many places, the author is describing events that he witnessed and people whom he had met. His recollection of dates seems weak however. This manuscript is 141 quarto pp.

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