Unpublished George Ronald manuscripts

George Ronald publishers, Oxford, is the most important independent English-language publisher of Bahá’í books and has been operating since 1943. The company receives many manuscripts that contain important historical and other information, but which, for various reasons, are not published. Since the 1990s, the publisher has offered to deposit such manuscripts with the Afnan Library. The following is a small selection of these manuscripts, mainly those with historical and biographical information, that may be of help to researchers. All of these are unedited manuscripts and may contain errors such as those of spelling, grammar and incorrect quotations and references, which would normally have been detected and corrected in the course of publication. There are also places where the information given is the personal view of the writer at the time, is uncorroborated and also possibly inaccurate. It is felt that their historical value as an archive outweighs these defects which should none the less be taken into account if reference is made to these works in future publications.