Táríkh-i Amrí Ábádih (Bahá'í History of Ábádih)

Ábádihí, Qábil

Táríkh-i Amrí-yi Ábádih (History of the Bahá'í Faith in Ábádih), Ms B

ALMP16B. Qábil Ábádihí, Táríkh-i Amrí Ábádih (Bahá'í History of Ábádih), Ms B. This history was completed in 1926; The history proceeds by recounting numbered episodes in the history of the Baha’i community of Abadih and includes events in nearby villages such as Himmatábád, Kúshkak, Chinár and others. It starts from the episode of the burial of the heads of the Nayriz martyrs in 1853 and ends with the episode of an attack on the Baha’is of Kushkak in 1923-4. AL has two manuscripts from the Iranian Bahá'í National Archives sent to Mr Balyuzi. However the two manuscripts are not identical; each has passages missing in the other. The result is that the episodes are not numbered the same in each manuscript. The published volume, Abadihi, Vaqayi`-yi Amri-yi Abadih seems to be based on Ms A.

Ms A is dated Sharaf 82 B.E./January 1926. The last episode is numbered 21. The episodes in this ms that are not in ms. B are episode 9 (Arrest of Qabil and 2 others and their rescue by Da’i Husayn), episode 10 (the killing of Baha’is in Isfandabad, Abarqu in 1901), episode 13 (various Baha’i community buildings and institutions), episode 14 (beating of Aqa Rida Quli), episode 16 (attack on Abadih of Muhammad `Ali Khan and Sultan Kazim Khan). In addition, episodes 13, 18 and 20 are material that is in ms B (pp. 95-102, 144-7 and 123-6 respectively) but not given an episode number. It appears to be in the hand of Qabil Abadihi but is not signed. It has 178 quarto pp.

Ms B is dated Sha`bán 1344/February 1926, The last episode is numbered 14 and ends on p. 135. There are then some notes on two Baha’is of Sughad and on the Baha’i schools (this latter is episode 18, pp. 147-150 in ms A). It is written by Sadru'd-Dín Dirakhshán Isfahání; it also has a colophon stating it is approved by the Bahá'í Assembly of Ábádih, 148 quarto pp.

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